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Vintage Typewriter Testimonials

Roya Pink Typewriter

I'm in love with typewriters, but I might just be a little bias. I'm a journalist and a writer at heart and since vintage typewriters are by far my favorite, I did a thorough search and was lucky enough to find "Karl Business Machines."

From day one, Rick was available and very helpful. Actually, I could immediately tell he was extremely knowledgeable about vintage typewriters. Rick not only gave me options, but recommended what was best and won me over with his honesty.

Initially, I was looking into a 1920s true vintage beauty, an expensive machine, but worth the price for sure. When I explained to him my intentions of use, without hesitation Rick suggested a different model. He could have just gone along with the initial sale, it meant more money anyway. However, his honesty speaks volumes about his character, one that would love to see followed by more businesses. Also, through the process of getting my beloved Royal Quiet De Luxe, Rick kept in constant communication and updated me from day one with an array of pictures. From the time he got the typewriter, to when it was sand blasted, and finally till it was finished. I just recently celebrated my birthday, and got the perfect gift to enjoy such a special day. Without a doubt Rick's work is outstanding and flawless. No wonder why little by little his vintage machines are making their way into Hollywood's films! Will finally add that my 1940s Quiet De Luxe beauty is quite the "eye candy" and envy of those who get to see it...it truly is a lot more beautiful in person than the image you see. I would say it's a masterpiece of a true artist, who with his work gives joy to those of us who dream of a vintage era.

Mariana Pineda is an Emmy award-winning bilingual journalist and has covered an array of topics such as immigration, education, health care and crime. She has worked for ABC, Telemundo and Univision.

Blue Typewrite with Stars Blue Typewriter with Stars

Close Up of Keys

The Bud Light Party featured our blue Royal Quiet DeLuxe typewriters for a Super Bowl event in their hotel in San Francisco

"Rick and the entire Karl Business Machines staff were extremely professional and accommodating in helping our company secure several typewriters for our Super Bowl event. At any time of the day Rick was available to answer every beck and call that we may had. Without hesitation he would call us to make sure we received emails or pictures of the product and ensured that we were satisfied with our purchase. Karl Business Machines guaranteed a speedy and efficient turnaround time all the way from placing the order to delivering it to our doorstep which did not disappoint.  If I am ever in need of another typewriter I would without a doubt choose Karl Business Machines again"


Mario, Chicago

I work in film and TV production in New York City and Karl Business Machines is an invaluable resource for vintage typewriters, copiers, bond traders and calculators.  Rick who helped me can find anything! He has so much knowledge. Everything they rented to us, though forty years old, was in pristine working condition. It's a huge relief knowing Rick is there for all my office typewriter prop rental needs.

Barbara, NY

I was working on a period movie from 1967 and was in need of 12 matching IBM Selectric I typewriters for one of our sets. There were several requirements that had to be met. They all had to match in color and of course all be working. Where else do you go for something like this? Karl Business Machines of course. I thought it was a tall order but Rick didn't bat an eye. Three weeks later I had perfectly matched typewriters for the Police Station. Everyone on set was very impressed. I was very happy.

Thanks to everyone at Karl Business Machines

David, NY

A Land Rover commercial is now playing on line featuring one of our red Royal Quiet Deluxe

Royal Pink Typewriter
Meet Up is a Social Media Group who asked to feature our pink Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter for one of their website pages.

Royal Pink Typewriter

To the lovely team at Karl Business Machines,

And just like that. This vintage gem made its way into my heart! I want to thank my family for this beautiful and exquisite gift. It’s this once in a life time gift that leaves your soul feeling nostalgic and yearning for your younger days.

But this would not have happened without the support and incredible service from the team at Karl Business Machines. I had done quite a bit of research on these beauties and was desperate to have one for my own.

So one Sunday evening, I made the call from Australia to America. I spoke to the lovely Roberta who put my mind at ease. I was incredibly humbled by her honesty, professionalism and support. Roberta displayed a genuine interest in helping me out and  began the process of organising the typewriter to be sent my way. Then Rick made contact with me and he was incredibly accommodating and just went out of his way to do the little things that make all the difference!

It was just the smoothest process. It began by Rick and Roberta making sure that the typewriter and the case were in absolute mint condition, then they had a consultation with the postal service to ensure quick, efficient and safe delivery of the item. The team then sent the typewriter on its way. It was wrapped like a baby. The typewriter was tracked and I was given updated information on its status.

They promised me that I would have it in a week and sure enough on the Wednesday, it was signed for!

It literally took my breathe away. In that instant it felt like my childhood dreams were madly racing around in my head and I just teared up!

To the team at Karl Business Machines, thank you for making this moment happen. I appreciate your absolutely amazing service and even your follow up email was just sweet.

If only everyone displayed your level of integrity and pride for what they do…

I feel blessed that our paths have crossed and I hope goodness comes your way.

Thank you,
Eman, Australia


Royal Typewriter

Karl Business Machines!
And the art of the typewriter....
A gift for my brother the writer, he was speechless.
A true work of art, everyone should have one to appreciate the craft of the story....
Rick, you out do yourself in every turn.

Thank you

Mary, Connecticut

Pink Typewriter

Someone's wedding is a beautiful memory that will carry them through their lifetime together.

Karl Business Machines not only made a typewriter for me that fits the color theme of our wedding, but my personality as well. They took the time to listen to me about the wedding, and were so in touch they also found away to add my personality and likes to the typewriter.

At the wedding reception our guests were able to type coments and wishes to us. Now we can also have the blessing of our friends and family in writing to cherish and add to the wonderful memory of our special day.

Robert & Carly, Pennsylvania

Pink Typewriter

For the past few years, I had a 'pink royal quiet deluxe typewriter' on my wish list - but I could never find one in the pristine condition (looks and function) that I wanted.
My wish was to open the box and begin typing as though it had been received brand new in the year it was originally manufactured.

Last week, my wish came true!!! I found Karl Business Machines on the web and saw just the beauty I'd been hoping for - offered by a company that had been in business for some time.....specializing in typewriters and restoring old typewriters to 'like new' condition with beautiful, professional paint jobs.I called from my home in Texas and Roberta answered the phone.

She patiently answered all my questions and really made me feel like she was happy that I had found them because she knew they offered the quality I was looking for. I placed the order (as a gift from my husband) and a few days later I excitedly unwrapped the very carefully secured pink beauty. I took it out of the box, set it on my desk, and started typing! It's everything I had hoped for!

Thank you so much!

Bonita, Texas

Pink Typewriter

My husband, Robert, bought me this beautiful pink Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter for Christmas. I have wanted one for years and will cherish it forever. I plan to use it for my Art Journaling and will be happy to send you a photo when I do.

Thank you so much for keeping the wonderful history of these machines alive.

All the best,
Helen, New York

Hot Pink Typewriter

Oh my goodness Rick! I got my typewriter and it is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Hong Kong

Pink Typewriter and Chair Pink Chair and Typewriter

Thank you so much for shipping it to Singapore! Came awesomely secured and protected! Thank you! Now my 4 year old is bugging me for one too!


Black Typewriter

When my daughter first started taking about wanting a typewriter I thought she was crazy. Then I thought where in the world could you buy a typewriter nowadays? However a quick  search on Google brought me to Karl Business Machines, just a short ride from my home. After a phone call with Roberta, I brought my daughter in to see and try out the machines. She was very happy with the choices and we ordered a Royal Heritage in black.

The typewriter turned out beautiful. My daughter is thrilled with it. Roberta and Rick were wonderful to work with. They both were so, kind, and thoughtful, and obviously love what they are doing. They provide superior service, with a friendly attitude. I look forward to visiting their shop again.


Deborah N.J.

Green Typewriter

"I recently bought a vintage Royal typewriter from Karl. I named her Flo and she is beautiful and completely restored. Vintage....but new. The finish is amazing; a 1950's teal and she sparkles. I am an artist and have my own card line. I create art on this typewriter, but Flo also comes to trade shows and classes that I teach.. She is a part of my studio and my business.

I am so happy I bought her"

Colleen, PA

Red and Black Typewriter

"Could not be more pleased with my Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter from Karl Business Machines. The beautiful red and black typewriter was extremely high quality, worked perfectly out of the box and have had no issues since. It is my first typewriter and I am so pleased with it. I could not imagine having a better or more impressive looking typewriter. The quality of the machinery is top notch. It feels like a brand new typewriter.

My mother bought the machine for me as a gift, and she said the customer service made everything so easy. I would highly recommend purchasing a typewriter from Karl Business Machines for yourself or as a gift. I am a writer in my 20's who grew up working on computers and enjoy using a typewriter as a change of pace. There is something relaxing and nostalgic about the feel and sound of a vintage typewriter. I look forward to buying another typewriter someday from Karl Business Machines.


Ryan, New York

I was planning to write to you today! I unpacked the typewriter yesterday in the evening. Let me say it: the Olympia is GORGEOUS under ever point of view and I love it! I moreover appreciated the extra care you put into the handling: it arrived fast and safe and sound, packed and handled with extreme care, in perfect conditions!

Thank you

Danica, Switzerland

I love them! They are gorgeous!!! Thank you very much for your professional services and wonderful job in refurbishing them and carefully packaging and shipping.

Huge Thank you

Danica, Switzerland


Thank you very much to everyone at Karl Business Machines for our gorgeous pink Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter. You were a joy to work with, and we appreciated all the updates on our order that you provided. The typewriter looks amazing and works perfectly. It was packaged very safely to ensure that it was not damaged during shipping. We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to own a piece of history! Thank you again.

Jamie, Canada

Pink Typewriter

Dearest Rick,
It was such a beautiful sight for this long awaited typewriter in my desired shade of pink to arrive unscathed at my doorstop an hour ago. While undoing those plastic wrappers, I was in awe at how stunning and pretty it was.... It is so perfect and the exact pink I was looking for to match that of a poster I intend to display together with it!  You have been so patient, accommodating and professional in every ways to meet my needs and demands during the past months, always keeping me in the loops and reassuring me of the progress while you go about researching and exploring to find that exact pink to meet my request. I didn't expect you to go through such length but your exceptional and outstanding service has far beyond exceeding my expectations. I am thankful for all that you have done to make my dream of owning my first ever pink typewriter a reality. I don't know how much more to thank you for but nonetheless. Thank you so much...Rick. It has been a great pleasure dealing with you. I will not fail to recommend any other who is as much in love with the typewriter as I do to contact you for further business dealings.

Feeling so thankful ...
From Elaine, Singapore

Black and Red typewriter

As far as the typewriter goes, it was a Christmas present for my stepdaughter so I didn't get a good look at it until she opened it on Christmas morning. (I didn't remove all the packing) The look on her face when she saw it was worth a million dollars!! She loved it. It was perfect gift. After her excitement subsided, I got a good look at it and I was impressed with the condition of it. It was definitely better than my expectations. I expected it to look like a cleaned up, refurbished typewriter. It looked like a new typewriter. Extremely well done job. She loves it and I am very happy with my purchase.

Steve, USA

Thank you so much for my typewriter I have so compliments about it. Came with a instruction manual, communication postage and packaging was outstanding. Seller was friendly and so helpful. May sound cheesy but it's the truth.

Alexia, England

The typewriter is beautiful. It works perfectly and far exceeded my expectations. As this was a Christmas present for my daughter, Rick went out of his way to expedite the shipping. Included was a perfect replica of the original instruction manual. It was packed impeccably and arrived on time. Shiny candy apple red, it works as well as it must have when it was brand new.

Thank you
Jamie, California

WOW...Thank you so much for and incredible service from beginning to end. As you know this was a gift for my daughter who graduated with honors in history. There was no words to describe how thrilled she was to open the typewriter ( which had been packed with a lot of care and attention and arrived in immaculate condition) she really could not believe it was sitting in front of her. I have no doubt once she gets to grips with it she will enjoy many hours creating wonderful stories and I can assure you it will be well looked after and will be in our family for many years to come. If anyone wonders if the shipping and custom cost are justified I can only say that I would have paid double and I am even thinking of buying another one as an ornament for my self:)

So once again thank you and I hope it gives you pleasure knowing what a huge part of our celebration your company thousands of miles away played.

I wish you continued success and this space for a pink one.
Kim, England

This past Christmas, a few days before, my daughter Emily (13) was looking to buy a typewriter. I figured she would find an old used, broken typewriter that would give her trouble. UNTIL we found this one! Rick shipped it immediately to where she received it on Christmas Eve! She couldn't have been happier! She opened the carefully packed box and when she opened it and saw her new refurbished typewriter, she was so excited. Rick has done a terrific job on stripping, and repainting (baking) it. There are no flaws in the paint, it is just perfect and types just like it came from the factory years ago. She keeps it in her room, on display!

Excellent customer service. After my daughter typing on it on Christmas Eve, we had a question about the typewriter so I emailed Rick. He instantly replied and gave his phone number for me to call him (I was worrying I was bothering him on Christmas Eve) , so I did call and Rick was so welcoming and didn't mind at all ! I am impressed and thank you so much!

Thank you Rick, and you have made us a very happy customer and we will spread the word!

Kim and Emily, Louisville Kentucky

Good morning Rick, received today, needless to say I am thrilled. I was tossing between  one in original condition, or a restored one, glad I got the restored one. It is beautiful, and will sit in my collection of things I love it!

I regards

Popi, Australia

Thank you so much for my beautiful custom lime green Royal typewriter! I was very pleased with the beautiful paint job and terrific packaging job to protect the typewriter during transit. I would be very happy to do business again!

Keith, USA

We love the typewriter so we'd love to give you a testimonial. Thank you so much for the amazing typewriter I purchased it for my wife for her birthday and she was giddy after opening the package. She loved that it was pink, her favorite color. The paint job itself was perfect. Just like it came from the factory. I can tell that the machine was restored by a company that knows what they're doing. Great quality work!

Thanks again!

Stephen, USA

"Love, love, love my "new" old typewriter! I learned typing in high school on an old typewriter and have always wanted one for nostalgic reasons. Amazingly, my husband listened to my request while browsing in an antique shop, and purchased one for me here.

It is just lovely! I actually cried when I opened my unexpected gift! It is vintage, yet so new. I couldn't be happier with it.

Thank you for a job well done!

Anna, USA