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In February of 2011 our company received the great honor and pleasure to have our IBM Selectric 1 typewriters in the movie Men in Black 3. We were called one day with the unusual question  if our company had forty of the IBM Selectric 1 typewriters in black that dated back to 1969. Much to our surprise we were able to provide them with their request. With even a greater surprise we soon found out the call came form Columbia Pictures, we thought we were going to be in the movies for a moment there. They asked that 13 of the machines be in working condition and that 7 were to be used for props. After cleaning off 40 years of dust from storage we completely restored the IBM Selectric typewriters. We impressed our self as to how we were able to make them look like they were brand new.

The excitement did not end there later there was a newspaper article   written about our movie debut. At the time of the  we were not permitted to say what movie the typewriters were in to the media. They asked for our company to wait until the final cut and the movie was released. That  was in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Kevin Riordan . We could not have asked for a better reporter. It turned out that he was impressed with our business and all the old typewriters Kevin Riordan told us that he started his career as a reporter on a manual typewriter. He refereed to so many of our machines as being like old friend with so many good memories.

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After the movie was released Kevin Riordan posted on his blog the movie title and a picture of Will Smith in an office setting with our movie stars the IBM Selectric.

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We were surprised to see that there are so many typewriters . Mercer Space newspaper reporter Discon Hyatt has shown us that with an article he wrote in his paper. He made contact with some of our customers and did such justice with their comments on our business and service we provided for their machines. We don't realize in our every day quest to help our customers how much our service not only means to us but to them as well. With reading Discon Hyatt article we were able to see what our accomplishments  do for our customers.

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Will Smith in Men in Black
Columbia Pictures from Men In Black III

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