Vintage Calculator & Adding Machine Rentals

Karl Business Machines is your Premier Choice for Vintage Xerox Copiers/Vintage Copiers, and Vintage Typewriters, for Prop House/Prop Rentals in the USA. Our store is conveniently located in Trenton, NJ. We are only an hour drive from Midtown Manhattan, New York or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Vintage calculators and adding machines

Our Adding Machine as seen on Lodge 49, sourced from our collection.

No modern office is complete without at least one calculator per desk. Similarly, no vintage office is complete without at least one adding machine within reach of office staff. We are therefore pleased to share that we have plenty of both calculators and adding machines for rental, and in quantities featuring IDENTICAL units of the same type and by the same manufacturer! These machines, both the more modern calculators and vintage adding machines, have been cleaned to absolute perfection. They are entirely ready for their close-ups! No office setting will ever look sparse or incomplete if we are chosen to supply your needs! Best of all, your offices will look absolutely authentic to match their desired time period!

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Specializing in extra large quantites of identical units.

Olivetti - 1956-1971

#1 Olivetti
1956 to 1971

Friden Adding Machine - 1949-1966

#2 Friden Adding Machine
1949 to 1966

Sharp Calculators - Pre 1986

#3 Sharp Calculators
Pre 1986

Monroe Bond Trader 1978

#4 Monroe Bond Trader

Mimeograph Machine 1968

#7 Mimeograph Machine 1968

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