Vintage Mimeograph Machine Rentals

Karl Business Machines is your Premier Choice for Vintage Xerox Copiers/Vintage Copiers, and Vintage Typewriters, for Prop House/Prop Rentals in the USA. Our store is conveniently located in Trenton, NJ. We are only an hour drive from Midtown Manhattan, New York or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Mimeograph rentals

Our Mimeograph Machines as seen on The Blacklist, sourced from our collection.

If you are looking for a mimeograph machine, you have come to the right place! We have a large selection in a variety of colors. Most importantly, unlike what you might find elsewhere, our Mimeograph Machines/Ditto Machines/Spirit Duplicator Machines are COMPLETE and include the INPUT and OUTPUT TRAYS that are often missing. As a result, the machines we present you with look especially beautiful and authentic! We pride ourselves in being the gold standard in mimeograph machines with each machine having gone through a thorough cleaning with exceptional attention to detail! Our machines are entirely ready for their close-ups!

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Mimeograph Machine 1968

#1 Mimeograph Machine 1968

Mimeograph Machine 1950's

#2 Mimeograph Machine 1950s

#3 Mimeograph Machine 1968 to 1975


#4 Mimeograph Machine 1964 to 1970

Mimeograph Machine 1955

#5 Mimeograph Machine 1955

#6 Mimeograph Machine 1949

White Vintage Mimeograph Machine

#7 Mimeograph Machine 1975

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