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Mariana Pineda is an Emmy award-winning bilingual journalist and has covered an array of topics, such as immigration, education, health care, and crime. She has worked for ABC, Telemundo, and Univision.

“I’m in love with typewriters, but I might just be a little bias. I’m a journalist and a writer at heart and since vintage typewriters are by far my favorite, I did a thorough search and was lucky enough to find “Karl Business Machines.”

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From day one, Rick was available and very helpful. Actually, I could immediately tell he was extremely knowledgeable about vintage typewriters. Rick not only gave me options, but recommended what was best and won me over with his honesty.

Initially, I was looking into a 1920s true vintage beauty, an expensive machine, but worth the price for sure. When I explained to him my intentions of use, without hesitation Rick suggested a different model. He could have just gone along with the initial sale, it meant more money anyway. However, his honesty speaks volumes about his character, one that would love to see followed by more businesses. Also, through the process of getting my beloved Royal Quiet De Luxe, Rick kept in constant communication and updated me from day one with an array of pictures. From the time he got the typewriter, to when it was sand blasted, and finally till it was finished. I just recently celebrated my birthday, and got the perfect gift to enjoy such a special day. Without a doubt Rick’s work is outstanding and flawless. No wonder why little by little his vintage machines are making their way into Hollywood’s films! Will finally add that my 1940s Quiet De Luxe beauty is quite the “eye candy” and envy of those who get to see it…it truly is a lot more beautiful in person than the image you see. I would say it’s a masterpiece of a true artist, who with his work gives joy to those of us who dream of a vintage era.”

Vintage Royal Typewriter in Pink

To the lovely team at Karl Business Machines,

And just like that. This vintage gem made its way into my heart! I want to thank my family for this beautiful and exquisite gift. It’s this once in a life time gift that leaves your soul feeling nostalgic and yearning for your younger days.
But this would not have happened without the support and incredible service from the team at Karl Business Machines. I had done quite a bit of research on these beauties and was desperate to have one for my own.
So one Sunday evening, I made the call from Australia to America. I spoke to the lovely Roberta who put my mind at ease. I was incredibly humbled by her honesty, professionalism and support. Roberta displayed a genuine interest in helping me out and began the process of organising the typewriter to be sent my way. Then Rick made contact with me and he was incredibly accommodating and just went out of his way to do the little things that make all the difference!
It was just the smoothest process. It began by Rick and Roberta making sure that the typewriter and the case were in absolute mint condition, then they had a consultation with the postal service to ensure quick, efficient and safe delivery of the item. The team then sent the typewriter on its way. It was wrapped like a baby. The typewriter was tracked and I was given updated information on its status.They promised me that I would have it in a week and sure enough on the Wednesday, it was signed for!
It literally took my breathe away. In that instant it felt like my childhood dreams were madly racing around in my head and I just teared up!
To the team at Karl Business Machines, thank you for making this moment happen. I appreciate your absolutely amazing service and even your follow up email was just sweet.
If only everyone displayed your level of integrity and pride for what they do…
I feel blessed that our paths have crossed and I hope goodness comes your way.

Thank you,
Eman, Australia

Vintage Royal Typewriter Georgia

“What a gift you’ve given us. There is not a single Christmas past or future that will bring something so special and cherished as this beloved pink typewriter. It is like nothing I’ve seen; beautiful enough to be on display shelf and yet smart enough to still be functional. My daughter inherited her love for words from her mother. Unfortunately, I flex my writing muscle mostly through work emails these days, but I know that my sweet girl can grow to follow the little light inside her that appreciates all of our yesterdays, the way things used to be and put her wealth of words to paper…not only with pen but with this magical piece of history that you’ve brought back to life! Thank you for being with me every step of the way and reminding me of the mighty spiritedness found in an expertly lead family-owned business! We will cherish this always.”

Much love and honor,
M.T., Georgia

Blonde Woman Smiling

“My daughter has aspired to be a writer her entire life. When she was a little girl she saw an aqua Royal typewriter that she fell in love with. She has always said that she was going to buy that typewriter when she receives her first pay check as a writer. Well, we beat her to it 🙂 Our daughter will be going to University in September to study Journalism, and as a graduation gift we surprised her with the typewriter of her dreams.

I spent much time researching and trying to locate an aqua Royal typewriter. I am so happy that I contacted Rick at Karl’s Business Machines. From day one, Rick has been extremely helpful in providing me with information and ensuring that I was able to get the typewriter that I was looking for. Rick kept me informed of the progress of my order, and he even contacted me the day that it was delivered. Rick also went as far to follow up with me after my daughter’s graduation to see how the surprise went over.

The typewriter is BEAUTIFUL! It is fully restored to it’s original majesty and it is in complete working order.

I highly recommend Karl’s Business Machines to anyone who is looking for a vintage typewriter.

The products that Karl’s offer are of excellent quality and the customer service is second to none!”

Vintage Typewriter Gift

A Magical Christmas Wish Come True
“When we visited Santa this year my 9 year old asked him for a quite unusual gift, a typewriter. I wasn’t sure how Santa was going to pull this off as I was quite sure his elves were not busy making them for Christmas. Santa luckily found Rick at Karl Business Machines and not only did he fulfill her wish with an excellent working vintage 1960s Olympia typewriter but it was a beautiful shade of pale pink! My daughter’s face lit up as she opened her gorgeous fully restored to like new typewriter. She has been busy since writing stories and letters to her teacher, friends and even Santa himself. And Mom is quite happy she has a beautiful classic typewriter as well as a special memory of Christmas to pass down one day to her children. Thank you, Rick for making my daughter’s magical Christmas wish come true!”

“Karl Business Machines!
And the art of the typewriter….
A gift for my brother the writer, he was speechless.
A true work of art, everyone should have one to appreciate the craft of the story….
Rick, you out do yourself in every turn.”

Thank you
Mary, Connecticut

Vintage Typewriter

Vintage Typewriter for My Granddaughter
“All began this summer when I started looking for a Vintage Typewriter for my granddaughter who turns 10 on October 1. I searched and found “Karl Business Machines ” website. I was very impressed with the typewriters colors, the restoration quality and the testimonials.
I decided to send an email explaining the nature of my purchase and was very surprised by the fast response I get. Rick called me by phone and guide me through the purchase process, explaining the differences between the Olympia, Royal and other machines.
I decided for an Olympia SM3 Royal Pink with sparkles and black key tops (A beauty).
Talking to Rick was very nice and I always felt that he loves what he does, taking very seriously and will be willing to give an extra mile to satisfy their customer’s needs and expectations.
And I do not get disappointed, the typewriter was delivered on time (Oct 1). Rick kept me informed during the shipping process and to assure package delivered on time sent the machine by air and do not charge me for the difference.
When my granddaughter received the typewriter she was speechless with overwhelming emotion.
My aspiring writer has now the means to express her vivid imagination and talent and create her own stories.
And who knows one day ….. she became a writer …..
Thanks, Rick to help others pursue their dreams !!!!”

Woman Looking At Her Typewriter

“My name is Wendy and I am a calligrapher from Hong Kong. Having in love of everything about writings, letters and calligraphy, I have always wanted a cursive typewriter so that I can type something cute for my pen friends when I do snail mails.

And dream come true! A group of my friends bought me this beautiful pink typewriter for my studio opening and I love it!

Thank you for restoring these beautiful machines!”
Wendy, Hong Kong

Black And Red Typewriter On Table

“I’ve been where you are now: skimming the reviews for Karl Business Machines, reading the testimonials on their web site, and perhaps entertaining the notion of contacting this small business. You might even wonder if all the glowing reviews are legit; one can scarcely find any negative comments or feedback concerning Rick and his team of experts. As it turns out, there is a reason (several reasons, actually) Karl Business Machines has a chorus of praise from its’ patrons.

For starters, you will not find a better typewriter shop anywhere in the region, possibly in the world. Everything you’ve heard about Rick’s legendary customer service, professionalism, and the quality of their work is real. It is a pleasure and an honor to join others in expressing appreciation and gratitude for Karl Business Machines in the hopes of promoting this exceptional company.

I’ve owned more than a dozen manual typewriters in my lifetime. Some were inherited, others I’ve purchased secondhand in various states of neglect or disrepair. I’ve bought enough machines that I’m confident I can differentiate between a typewriter that merely “looks good” and one that is, in fact, good: a reliable tool you can sit down with and pour page after page of scrivenings into, seamlessly and smoothly, without issue.”

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Let me clear: when you buy a machine from Rick, you’re not getting a worn-out typewriter somebody dusted off with a bit of compressed air, sprayed with rattle-can paint from the local hardware store, and over-lubricated with (dare I say it) WD-40. Perish the thought! What you’re getting from Karl Business Machines is a lovingly handcrafted hot-rod of a typewriter with buttery-smooth carriage movements and snappy keystrokes that can keep up with high-speed, caffeine-fueled bursts of creative writing. You’re also getting a machine with a custom, durable, baked-on finish that (adequately cared for) will last for generations. Finally, you’re getting a typewriter that looks exceptional and works just as hard as the writer.

A typewriter from Karl Business Machines is not a disposable commodity like the expensive, unreliable portable computing devices commonly used today. The typewriters Rick sells are heirlooms; these machines will outlive their owners with mindful use and storage. Try finding a writing instrument of this caliber on Amazon or eBay; once you discover how scarce and special this is, call Rick.

In addition to making fantastic writing machines, Rick is a genuine customer-focused businessman. He surprised me with his playful honesty and generosity. For example, I first met Rick after a 7+ hour drive from my home to his shop in central New Jersey to bring my beloved 1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter to him for service. Rick and his team of experts carefully inspected the machine and found the issue was most likely not the machine, but how I was using it.

Rick taught me that manual typewriters have a “personality” of sorts; they don’t all work the same way or respond to the same technique equally as well. For example, consider the variety of ways in which musical instruments are played, like guitars. The way one plays a classical acoustic guitar differs from the approaches one might use with electric jazz or rock guitars. A good musician knows which techniques work best with which instruments; likewise, a good typist knows which methods work best with which typewriters.

Rick knew this and was kind enough to communicate it to me in a way that preserved my… “dignity.” His insight helped me approach my Royal QDL from a new perspective, and I’m pleased to say his diagnosis was both accurate effective. My beloved old typewriter and I are writing better together than we ever have.

Now for the surprising part: I live in southeastern Virginia, many hours of driving from Karl Business Machines. Rick offered to ship my typewriter home free of charge. FREE! I would say that *never* happens in this day and age, but it did, and I owe it to Rick’s astounding generosity.

A month or so later, I ran into a problem with another one of my typewriters: an Olivetti Lettera 32. These machines use a unique ribbon knob (flanged nut) to secure the spools and advance the ribbon. My typewriter was missing one, and I needed a replacement to get it working again. Rick said he would send me one free of charge. He did more than that: he sent me two! I was pleasantly surprised (again), and while I appreciated Rick’s incredible generosity, I wanted to support his small business; free services and parts do not “keep the lights on.”

When Rick called to make sure I received the parts he sent me at no cost, I mentioned how fond I was of the custom typewriters on the Karl Business Machines website. I shared with him the volume of writing I do and my fast-paced “style” of typing. Rick promptly suggested the Olympia SM3 I am presently using to draft this review. Having spent some time with this typewriter, I’m pleased to report his recommendation was spot-on. It would seem Rick can pair a typist with a typewriter in the same way a renowned chef can pair foods and drinks into a delectable meal.

Rick walked me through all the options, and after a couple of months of waiting, I was beyond excited to finally receive my custom writing machine. I’ve included pictures here to give you a sense of how beautiful this typewriter is. I believe this machine is in better condition now than it was the day it came off the factory assembly line.

The Olympia SM3 De Luxe Rick and the team at Karl Business Machines put together for me is distinctive; it makes writing an absolute pleasure. It has a “touch” unlike any of my other typewriters. Somehow it managed to displace my beloved 1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe as my prized typewriter—the crown jewel of my small collection. If you order a custom typewriter from the artisans at Karl Business Machines, it will be worth every penny you pay for it and then some.

If there is one thing about Karl Business Machines that concerns me, it is the dread of a world without Rick and his team of experts. I can hardly imagine how many decades of combined experience they have in the art and science of servicing and restoring manual typewriters. Even so, I hope they find some passionate young apprentices devoted to learning their uncommon yet exquisite craft. If you want an heirloom-grade typewriter, I strongly recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later; this is a rare opportunity to own a world-class, high-caliber writing machine.

Vintage Royal Typewriter

“Once in a while you meet a person who takes you into their everyday world enough to give you a glimpse into the extraordinary. Rick is that kind of person. I was looking for a vintage typewriter to inspire my writing. Little did I know, on the other side of the country was a man bringing magic and life to vintage typewriters he immaculately restores and infuses with dazzling colors straight from candy land. I was enchanted.

Rick helped me decide on a model that would fit my needs as well as add a 40’s flare to my circa 1949 mountain cottage. The hardest part was choosing one of the many gorgeous colors.

When my custom typewriter finally arrived, I was delighted when opening the box. Even the way it was so carefully packed revealed the love and attention to detail Rick puts into his work.

There is something about typing that brings a romance to the present from the days long ago. With the sound of each key striking the ribbon and the high-pitched ring of the bell at the end of each line, I am connected at once to every author before me who used a manual typewriter to tell their stories. I love everything about it. At last my book will get the “royal” treatment it deserves.

Thank you, Rick, for my beautiful pink Royal Quiet Deluxe and making the process from start to finish so enjoyable.”

Vintage Olympia Typewriter

“I’ve been fascinated with the idea of using a typewriter for some time now. I used to do a fair amount of writing in college and shortly thereafter, but as life got busier with a new career, wife, child, etc. it’s become increasingly difficult to focus on my writing. Often when I do have a chance to sit down and type out some ideas, I find myself sitting at my computer which quickly goes from typing to checking notifications that pop up, to idly zoning out online. Since receiving this typewriter, however, I’ve managed to sit down and type distraction free for 30 min to an hour each night. There’s truly something to be said to having a machine that is dedicated simply to one thing and one thing only and that is imprinting your thoughts neatly into a sheet of paper.

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As for the typewriter itself, it is spectacular! I mean, it’s gorgeous! It’s sleek! It’s sexy! It’s honestly as if Rick has some sort of time machine back at his shop and he’s able to dial back to whatever year he needs, in my case, 1959 and snag a machine off the manufacturer’s shelf. This Olympia SM4 looks and feels as if I am the first person to have ever placed my fingers on its keys. And as for my experience with Rick and his shop, I can’t say enough about how truly wonderful my experience was with him. First, I e-mailed Rick out of the blue asking him a bunch of questions about typewriter ownership in general. Having never owned a typewriter before, I had some questions I wanted answered before I committed to purchasing one of these beauties. Rick responded immediately and thoroughly to each of my questions and furthermore, he corresponded with me for over a week as I tried to decide on exactly what I wanted. Then, when I was finally ready to pull the trigger he had the thing packed up and sent my way the very next day. The story of Rick’s superior customer service does not stop there though, upon receiving the machine, I had a couple of questions (being the typewriter rookie that I am) and Rick dropped what he was doing and called me immediately to walk me through my new machine. It’s incredibly clear that he has a passion for these machines and he seems to truly enjoy putting a smile on strangers faces by sharing this passion with others. I will undoubtedly be a lifelong customer of Karl Business Machines for any future typewriter needs. Thanks again Rick!”

Vintage Typewriter TestimonialVintage Typewriter TestimonialVintage Typewriter Testimonial