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Karl Business Machines is your Premier Choice for Vintage Xerox Copiers/Vintage Copiers, and Vintage Typewriters, for Prop House/Prop Rentals in the USA. Our store is conveniently located in Trenton, NJ. We are only an hour drive from Midtown Manhattan, New York or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Copier on American Horror Story

Our Copier Machine as seen on American Horror Story, sourced from our collection.

Welcome! You have found the largest collection of Vintage Copiers/Vintage Xerox Copiers, including Canon, 3M, Kodak, and more, in the United States, and possibly in the world! We have a wide selection of classic Xerox models including the remarkable Xerox 914 plain paper copier. This copier, with ground-breaking, plain paper technology, was manufactured between 1959 and 1976. It was highly sought after at the time and was the machine that helped make Xerox a major name in copiers. We also feature the Xerox 813 and Xerox 660 copiers.

Vintage Xerox 914 Copier

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Canon NT120 Copier

#50 Canon Copier
1981 to 1986

Xerox 1964 - 1969

#51 Kodak Verifax Copier

3M Copier

#52 3M Copier
Late 1970’s

#53 3M Copier Late

Savin Copier 1969

#54 Savin Copier

Royfax Model 7

#55 Royfax Copier
1966 to 1971

Mita CopyStar 900D

#56 Mita Copystar Copier

Sharp SF7200 Copier

#57 Sharp Copier
1985 to 1989

Xpres Copier

#58 Xpres Copier
1977 to 1980

Sharp Copier SF 7750

#59 Sharp Copier
1987 to 1989

Sharp SF 750

#60 Sharp Copier
1982 to 1987

Canon NP 150

#61 Canon Copier

Sharp SF 7100

#62 Sharp Copier
1985 to 1989

Canon PC 25

#63 Canon Copier
1984 to 1989

Mita 600 D

#64 Mita Copier

Savin 9113Z

#65 Savin

CS 2114

#66 Copy Star

Monroe RL 710C

#67 Monroe Copier
1985 to 1989

Sharp SF 8260

#68 Sharp Copier
1986 to 1989

#69 Wide Format Copier
Early 1970s

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